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November 7th, 2004

05:16 pm

NOT MY JESUS is an Anti-Bush Community that strives to keep the liberated mind awake during a dark time in our political history. Help us track the truth behind the Bush Agenda and Evangelical movement that keep culture wars alive at home and abroad.


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August 18th, 2004

07:11 pm - BJORK'S NEW VIDEO

Check out her new music video, Oceania.

Quicktime needed.
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August 8th, 2004

08:40 pm - AFO CONVENTION PHOTOS!!!! Part 2

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08:40 pm - AFO CONVENTION PHOTOS!!!! Part 1

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July 15th, 2004

03:41 pm - Preacher Movie?! True or False?!
James Marsden, who was linked to a proposed Preacher movie, told fans at Wizard World in Los Angeles that the comic-book adaptation is mired in "development hell," according to a report on the Comic Book Resources Web site. "When you have an independently financed film, it's getting harder to get them made," Marsden told the convention. "We're going to try to go this summer. I kind of wanted to wait another year so I could get more wrinkles and get even more weathered. If there was ever a role that I wanted to do some method acting, this would be it. My wife read every single one of the issues in two days, she was in love with them."

Preacher is based on Garth Ennis' graphic novel about an itinerant cowboy holy man with divine powers. "Almost two years ago I got a phone call from my agent, offering it," Marsden said. "I was like, 'What is Preacher?' They were very vague. So I asked some of my friends, and they're like, 'They offered you Jesse Custer? Preacher? Wow!' I got a couple of the graphic novels, and I was captivated, it was some of the best writing that I'd ever read. I just found it an amazing piece of literature."

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03:40 pm - Travel Sick

Is there anything Grub Smith won't do?

He'll eat Australian roadkill. He'll have sex with a Moroccan watermelon. He'll even cruise for a hot date in the L.A. restroom made famous by George Michael.

That's because Grub Smith is star of Travel Sick, the show that each week takes him to an exotic land, where he either succeeds at a series of degrading, disgusting, and dangerous challenges... or he pays an even worse price.

His Bio -
Grub Smith is the intrepid British host of "Travel Sick," a challenge-based show featuring bizarre and dangerous tasks performed by Smith in various cities around the globe. Some of his tasks have included playing golf on a glacier in zero visibility in Iceland; eating a live baby octopus in Korea; shagging a watermelon in Morocco and eating a road kill sandwich while parachuting in Australia.

After graduating from Cambridge, in England with an MA in History and Anthropology, Smith started his career as a successful journalist. He was a key figure in the launches of GQ, Esquire, Maxim and also the re-launch of England's FHM in 1995 (which has since gone on to become the world's most successful men's magazine).

Currently, Smith is writer for England's FHM and contributes monthly features, regular film reviews and interviews with celebrities ranging from Paul Newman, Guy Ritchie and Pamela Anderson, to Pierce Brosnan, Ricky Martin and Mike Myers. His monthly sex and relationships column is syndicated to 14 countries worldwide. He has also published two best-selling books, Real Sex and Real Lover by Harper Collins.

Smith's additional television credits include hosting and co-writing "Sin Cities," a travel show about the world's weirdest and sexiest destinations for Bravo (a UK television channel that features irreverent programming, and not affiliated with America's Bravo network.

Smith resides in England and has a seriously witty sense of humour and a real love of the unexpected. He could not be happier than when sitting at home on the sofa, eating take-out with the remote control in his hand.

Click there to see some videos..

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July 6th, 2004

10:32 am

Produced by Sam Raimi, under his production banner “Ghost House Pictures” for Columbia Pictures, "THE GRUDGE" will combine elements from the original Japanese horror film, "Ju-On" and its three sequels.

The film centers on a curse that befalls someone who dies in the grip of a powerful rage. Those who encounter this murderous supernatural curse die, and a new one is born -- passed like a virus from victim to victim.

Based on:
Combining elements from the original "Ju-On"
and its three sequels.

Release Date:
TBA, Oct 2004

The Grudge Trailer Page
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July 5th, 2004

03:05 am - Uverbot Online has an Uberblog.
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June 27th, 2004

We predict that Spider-man 2 will break EVERY record on the books. We will be celebrating the premier of Spider-man 2 out at Loews Cineplex at Universal Studios Citywalk from the 30th to the 3rd! Come enjoy the movie at one of the best theaters in town and pick up some free Uberbot gifts - while supplies last! Who knows ... our free gifts might someday be worth $5k on ebay!

Check out showtimes at www.loewscineplex.com

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01:14 am

THE FIRST UBERBOT CONTEST IS HERE!! Please check this out and post it on your journals! THANKS!!!


Info -

Submissions can be in any medium
(Pencil, ink, paint, etc.)

The winning robots will receive gift certificates and your robot will be used for internal and external advertising before, and after, the opening of UBERBOT - Your pop culture playground.

Submit as many robots as you like.
All submissions must be received by October 31st.

Submissions will be judged by industry professionals.

Be certain to include all appropriate contact information.

Be original! While we will not reject submissions of recreations, we appreciate original creations and prefer to use them in our advertising.

All submissions become property of UBERBOT Inc. Submissions and questions can be emailed to
or mailed to:



And don't forget to join the Uberbot mailing list!

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